The Joy Of Children

I would like to start this post off by sharing some things about my blogging family’s kids (who all have autism):


Cheryl G.-

My J is the best story teller, My Roo I love his laugh, and my Sissy Loo is hilarious and finds the joy in life.

Jessi C.-

My son, as cliched as this sounds, is the best person I know. I’m pretty sure he’s made me a bit of a better person. There’s no one thing I love the most about him. I just love him. He’s the kindest person I know.

Carmen M.=

My son is always surprising me with his sense of humor. My daughter is the best toddler dancer.

I share these to make a point. Joy is contagious. Kids can share
joy and give joy just as much. God gives us Joy to share.

David wrote most of the Psalms. In Psalm 16:11 (NIV) he writes:

11 You have made

 known to me the path of life;

 you will fill me with joy in your presence,

 with eternal pleasures

 at your right hand,

Rejoice in Jesus. Be joyfilled today!!!!


Psalm 112 Confession— Bob Yandian


I  am a blessed child of God. I fear the Lord and delight greatly in His  commandments. My seed will be mighty in the earth and my generations will be  blessed. Wealth and riches will be in my house and my righteousness will endure  forever. Because I walk uprightly before the Lord, light will arise in the  darkness. My confusion will be overcome and I will have guidance from the Holy  Spirit. There is no problem that can come against me that I will not have  wisdom and the leading of the Lord to overcome. I will also guide my personal,  family, and business affairs with discretion. I have wisdom beyond my natural  ability. Because I am gracious, compassionate, righteous and give to others,  favor follows after me. Everywhere I go, blessings find me. Surely I will not  be moved forever. I cannot be shaken by circumstances or fear from the enemy,  because I keep the Lord forever in my remembrance. I will not be afraid of evil  tidings. My heart is fixed. I trust in the Lord. My heart is established and I  will never be afraid. Satan desires to see me defeated. I desire to see him  defeated and destroyed. His desire will not come to pass over me. My desire  will come to pass over him. With God’s power, I will outlast Satan every time.  I have dispersed and given to the poor. My acts of righteoussness are eternal.  My horn is lifted up in anticipation of a great outpouring of God’s blessing  into my life. The wicked will see it and be grieved. Though they gnash their  teeth at me, they will melt away and their desires shall perish. My desires  will be granted by the Lord and my treasuries will be filled.

Why don’t we ger any respect?

under the umbrella of pdd-nos which means pervasive developmental disorder-not otherwise specified, there are five different diagnosis, there is autism, Retts syndrome, Fragile X, Pdd-NOS,and asberger syndrome….each is a totally different experience a diagnosis of autism is different then a diagnosis of asberger, so asberger people are different then autism people like they are different from rett people and different from fragile x. so those people whose life experience is asperger should not be speaking on behalf of people with autism, because they are totally different life experience, you do not see autism speaking about rett or fragile because they are separate so shouldn’t same respect be accorded people with autism asperger should only be speaking on asperger.

The Caffeinated Autistic

Today is flash blog day! Autistic people like myself were asked to complete the phrase “autistic people should…” This is in response to the current Google autocomplete searches for those phrases, which are, to be kind, problematic at best, and downright triggering at worst.

So here’s mine.

Autistic people should exist.

That seems really simple and obvious, doesn’t it? I mean, I’m sure even now, there are some of you scoffing at the idea that anyone would wish that we didn’t exist.

But it happens.

It happens too much.

When we hear talk of a cure for autism, we don’t hear “help treat the more distressing symptoms that often accompany autism (but may not be linked at all)”. We hear that you don’t want people like us to exist. You advocate for research, but you leave us out of the conversation and we are erased. Autism isn’t something that exists…

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Football and Faith

I am a diehard football fan.

From my local High School team (which I faithfully followed for 7 years both home and away) to my local College team (which just had its best season ever), I love football. God loves me just as much as I love football….. with a passion which knows no bounds and knows no boundaries. God gave me autism to see the world in a different light. I see God’s Grace as a big part of who I am.