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The book of Judges gives the story of the people of Israel in the Promised Land, but without their great leaders of the past—Moses and Joshua—and before the first of the kings. This lack of leadership resulted in repeated seasons of rebellion and idolatry during which God would raise up judges to defeat the Israelites’ enemies and to guide the wayward people back to Himself. The story of this era is a difficult one, summarized in the words of Judges 21:25, “In those days there was no king in Israel; everyone did what was right in his own eyes.”


the snow angel

There was a snow angel
pretty and cute
who couldn’t say a word
because she was mute
Her tiny body was so small
but man she was giving her all
I walked up to her and picked her up
and we went home together to sup.

She walked up to the table all quiet and shy
I was wondering in my heart why.
Just then out of the blue
I heard the doorbell ring and heard this sweet mom say
“Lydia, it’s mom! I love you!”

The angel ran to her mom’s waiting arms full of happiness and love
She screamed “MOM!!!”
It was a gift from above.

Her mom walked to me
with a lot on her mind
and said to me
you are very kind

“ma’am” I said in shock,
“thank you for those words.”
but she meant them all.
“my life is meant for the birds.”