the snow angel

There was a snow angel
pretty and cute
who couldn’t say a word
because she was mute
Her tiny body was so small
but man she was giving her all
I walked up to her and picked her up
and we went home together to sup.

She walked up to the table all quiet and shy
I was wondering in my heart why.
Just then out of the blue
I heard the doorbell ring and heard this sweet mom say
“Lydia, it’s mom! I love you!”

The angel ran to her mom’s waiting arms full of happiness and love
She screamed “MOM!!!”
It was a gift from above.

Her mom walked to me
with a lot on her mind
and said to me
you are very kind

“ma’am” I said in shock,
“thank you for those words.”
but she meant them all.
“my life is meant for the birds.”


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