Anita just hit it outta the ball park with bases loaded. Thus this is a reblog of a very meaningful post. Thanks Anita!!!!

Heartfelt Thoughts As He Leads

Today’s blog is helping me focus on an area of my life, I am presently working on. In the past not being able to do so, resulted in me over giving and consequently, I ended up in clinical depression. This is a word many don’t like to hear about, but it is very real. In this particular blog I am not here to focus on depression, but rather on one of the areas I am working on, in helping me move forward.

I felt I was to google the definition of boundaries, that’s simple enough, right. Well, not only did the word boundaries pop up, but personal boundaries. Wow, that has really gotten my attention.

Personal boundaries are guidelines, rules or limits that a person creates to identify for themselves what are reasonable, safe and permissible ways for other people to behave around him or her and how they will…

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